eXperimental GameRoom

The future catches up faster than ever before.  Technology changes fast and what was impressive and avant garde only four years ago is now old hat.  First adopters of technology are even becoming jaded by the latest gizmos simply because innovations have become nothing more than a few features being added or the size of the same device being slightly altered.

The x room for gaming which once could impress guests with Wii technology, now is looking towards the future of holographic technologies.  Even 3D games are being surpassed by 3D immersion technology.  Guests to the gaming room of the future will now find something more like the holosuites from Deep Space 9 or the holodeck on the Starship Enterprise.  Even back in 2010 this type of technology seemed farfetched, but now we are looking towards the future of even more realistic gaming environments.

Other similar experiments in seamlessly integrating technology and comfort have been conducted in the past.  One outdated version of this can be seen in this video: